Afternoon Elective Choices

[Students attending the Elementary Camp Session do not need to choose electives.  They have different activities and will switch throughout the day.]

Examples of Electives for Non-Beginners

  • Jazz Band - available for all grades (non-beginners) --> divided into middle and high school groups
  • Intro to Jazz - an introduction to jazz and improvisation (non-beginners) --> focused on non-traditional Jazz instruments (flute, clarinet, french horn, guitar, etc.) 
  • Advanced Jazz Improv - opportunity for jazz students to practice more advanced improvisation techniques
  • Marching Ensembles - learn marching techniques & perform an indoor marching show - all grades (non-beginners) --> divided into middle and high school groups
  • Band Audition Prep - small-group setting to study techniques and requirements for the All-State band audition
  • Conducting - study individual techniques to improve your conducting skills --> focused on experienced band students
  • Intro to Percussion - learn the basics of the various concert percussion instruments (snare drum, base drum, timpani, marimba, & chimes --> focused on experienced band students
  • Marching Band Leadership**
    • Intended for director-recommended high school student leaders, moving into their Junior or Senior years
    • Focus on teaching rehearsal techniques, team building, and conducting
    • Meets during both Elective Block A & B

Examples of Electives for Everyone

  • Bucket Drumming - percussion ensemble for non-percussionists, modeled after Stomp! --> focused on middle school students
  • Color Guard - learn the basics of choreographed flag drills
  • Music Theory - learn the basics about reading music, scales, key signatures, and writing down music that you hear --> focused for starting/beginning band students
  • Movie Music study the history and impact of music in films (non-performing group)
  • Leadership - learn basic concepts of leadership, to help you improve as both a musician and a student
  • Life Skills - learn some basic life skills that will help for your next band performance - learn to tie a real tie, sew a button, and iron your band uniform --> sounds simple, but mom isn't always around to help!